Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 by Sou Fujimoto, London – UK

January 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

The 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto – the 13th architect in the series, and the youngest to accept the invitation to conceive the temporary structure – opened to press today, june 4th, revealing his airy, but strict configuration within its Kensington gardens, Hyde park location. The cloud-like appearance is a composition of 20mm pipes which are arranged in a lattice formation that invites visitors to interact with it; one may climb the ‘rungs’ of its skeleton framework, taking in alternative views of the site. The lightweight and semi-transparent architecture of Fujimoto’s design occupies some 350 square-metres of the lawn found in front of the art gallery, whose classical style offers an ideal backdrop for the delicate construction.

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion was officially open to the public from june 8th to october 20th, 2013.

Photography: Iwan Baan / The Independent

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