Healthcare: Villa Colombo by Ambience Design Group, Toronto – Canada

January 27th, 2015 by retail design blog

Villa Colombo is a Long Term Care facility in Toronto, Ontario which serves as a home for the elderly, some with Alzheimer’s. The ultimate goal of the re-design of the 5th floor sunroom is to provide an environment that was safe, healthy and stimulating, while giving residents a sense of place. Ambience designers created a custom space that would provide that and more. They incorporated a form of audio-visual therapy through the use of the aquarium housed in a textured wave like wall. A nature theme was further developed through the custom graphics in vibrant colours. All cabinetry and upholstery was customized to include storage of activities. They considered ample space to accommodate accessibility and the natural light pouring in truly makes this a comfortable and welcoming setting for loved ones to visit.

Design: Ambience Design Group
Photography: Gennifer Buscemi

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