Hey Ju Baking Studio & Dessert Café by Nordic Bros. Design Community, Cheonan – South Korea

January 29th, 2015 by retail design blog

Nordic Bros. Design Community designed and planned the ‘hey ju’ dessert café & baking studio of the patissier Jung-Ju Kim located in the culture and cafée specialized street in Buldang-dong, Cheonan, Korea.

The client wanted to have the baking studio and cafe that have his own colors in one space among the various shops lined up in the street and make them become a space that focuses on the communication with visitors as a cafe where they can enjoy brunch, dessert, and tea together with a baking class based on his preference of achromatic color. While concentrating on the layout where the cafe and the baking studio are put together, which was the biggest concern of the client, the designer drew a ˇ®surrealˇŻ concept and planned the traffic line keyed to the service of the patissier around the baking studio.

Upper level: a space inside a space covered with a roof in a diagonal form is made in the center of the space to place the baking studio, and the raised floor height(baking studio, service counter, kitchen, toilet) divides the boundary between the baking studio and the cafe.

Lower level: a big neon sign is put on the exterior wall(in the front of the entrance) and the roof of the baking studio, and tables and chairs are placed around the glass wall where the whole street can be viewed to enjoy the street culture blurring the boundary between inside and outside.

While planning the baking studio and the cafe that offer different services although there is a close connection between them in one space, the designer had a conversation to understand the client and completed an atelier of the patissier Jung-Ju Kim which properly harmonized open and close.

Design : Nordic Bros. Design Community / Yong-Hwan Shin
Graphic : CATARI STUDIO / Sun-Jin Kim

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