wRRap project by studio Tricot, Hong Kong

January 29th, 2015 by retail design blog

The winning project of the Genesis Building Rolls Royce Competition has been realized in Hong Kong. The Rolls Royce is not an inanimate object but has a heart that beats and increases in frequency as if it were an entity with desires and emotions. The essence of the Rolls Royce, the Spirit of Ecstasy, is revealed and alive. Conceal the form to reveal the soul by wrapping the car with a technological skin.

A new innovative fabric, made in Italy by Plug&Wear, that weaves 400 meters of metallic band with 1 km of electroluminescent wires, all managed by a computer interface. The pulsing fibers accentuate it giving great energy to the entire installation system and trasforming the visible shape into something new and surprising. A dynamic installation that reflects the energy, the innovation and the mood of Genesis expressed through the elegance of the identity of Rolls Royce.

Design: studio Tricot

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