Easy Brix grill & wine by Sofia Gorelova, Moscow – Russia

January 30th, 2015 by retail design blog

Easy Brix is situated on Pyatnickaya str., one of the main through-passages of Moscow, on the first floor of the old soviet printing house. The location itself determines unusual approach to design. The interior is rather neat and severe: high ceilings, specially designed chandeliers shaped as crystalline grid, huge windows, a lot of free space. A little bit of accurate black graffity on the walls (Mediterranean, wine theme).

The name of the project is linked to it`s main concept -there is professional coal grill in the kitchen – Josper, which is perfect for cooking simple but delicious meals which might be complemented with one of the side dishes or starters from a wide range. This way we managed to have up to 20% drop from the prices of 2014 for the main menu and, whats important, for the wine list too.

Design: Sofia Gorelova
Photography: Alexander Usanov

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