Legrand Innoval showroom by Golden Ratio, Athens – Greece

January 31st, 2015 by retail design blog

Legrand Showroom in Kifissias Avenue is the response of Golden Ratio in a design challenge of combining classic values ​​and innovation typical of Legrand products. The composition is developed in two levels, having an exhibition space situated on the ground floor and a seminar room on the basement. On ground floor level, a single showroom space is covered with warm wood texture forming a stable shell that is the embrace of Legrand. White laquer unfolding surfaces degrade the normality of composition organizing space at the same time. Dynamic volumes of equipment shape circulation and key-points in space: reception, meeting point, show point.

The presence of light -both natural and artificial- in space is crucial. Blinds of alternating serve as a filter for natural light symbolizing evolution and perspective, while concealed lighting creates light paths and swings in construction leading the visitor’s field of view. Different heights and slopes create subsections aiming to organize the presentation of products. Showcases are placed in the east, so that each product is enhanced by its own unique way through the light, as a piece of jewel. The smooth surfaces of furniture lacquer and switches, causing the sense of touch, encourage the visitor to test the products.

A metal anthracite staircase serves continuity of space, connecting the showroom with the lower level, where through the linear lighting and blinds is signaled the constant motion and evolution, but at the same time the stability of Legrand values.

Design: Golden Ratio / Michael Bakas, Kostas Bakas, Alex Bakas, Konstantina Bertaha
Photography: Demi Karatzaferi

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