Faces commode/cabinet/sofa concept by Radmila Petrovic

February 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

The aim of concept of the commode is based on transformation as principle, and creating multiple faces of the same product (commode/cabinet), in both esthetical and functional sense. The call for creating pieces of furniture that can adjust its size and purpose to the customers’s needs and his space, is bigger and bigger and more welcome each day. The commode itself is modular – composed of multiple modular elements that can be combined and upgraded. The base (basic element), as the main constructional element offers a wide selection of combinations, so it can easily become smaller and bigger commode, wardrobe, while the base itself is actually the sofa.

This way, multifunctionality brings the new experience of the space, transformation of invisible into visible, and inversely. “SecondFace” commode is without sharp edges, user-friendly, with easy assembly/disassembly functions, and suitable for transport and mass production.

Design: SPTZ Studio / Radmila Petrovic

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