Ulus Savoy clubhouse by Autoban, Istanbul – Turkey

February 2nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Autoban brings new life to the interior of Ulus Savoy Clubhouse, Istanbul.

‘Ulus Savoy’ is a residential project development in Istanbul in the district of Ulus which is comprised of 25 blocks and 301 apartment style residences. The community is brought together with a clubhouse designed by local architects Autoban, that brings together the social aspects of the complex under one roof through a modern interior. Autoban has envisioned a scheme that cohere’s to the venue’s existing geometric shell, that orients itself to refer to the different elevations of land that surround it. The geometry of a triangle is seen throughout, extending upwards to create a dynamic 3D structure that reflects a crystalized architectural form on the floor and walls of the space, uniting horizontal and vertical surfaces; while technical functions are hidden within.

A central feature of the ‘Ulus Savoy’ clubhouse is a grand glass encased two-storey library which offers views into the other communal sitting areas. the surrounding zones provide large tables and abundant seating to encourage inhabitants to gather and socially engage with one another. Other programs of the clubhouse include: indoor and outdoor swimming pools; fitness & cardio areas; sauna, steam room, spa rooms; indoor & outdoor game courts and children’s playground; along with a lounge, café and multimedia room. For the interior design of the ‘Ulus Savoy’ clubhouse, Autoban has created a visual narrative that is maintained by natural materials of wood, stone, with concrete supports, offering a warm inviting space for residents and visitors alike.

Design: Autoban
Photography: Sergio Ghetti

via Designboom

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