Ppaper office & store by Ahead Concept, Taipei – Taiwan

February 3rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Reading the Fashion of Civilization – PPAPER, well-known throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, has its headquarters in Taipei. To differentiate the regional property of its magazine publishing area from its stores, the company uses two different floors.

Office area: This office space leaves fashionable popular design components behind, opting for transparent and light glass over the brick walls of the building’s structure with unidirectional lighting. This design allows light to pass straight through and uses the original brick shape to develop the receiving function. High above the office space, which is made up of 18 desks organized into three groups, the lamps and storage area use black iron to balance the actual space’s requirements and the space’s natural assistance, creating the unadorned charm of an industrial loft space, with wind, a humane temperature and great impression. A 20-person conference is placed in front of the entrance window so that it can feel the ebb and flow of the rhythm of the sunlight combined with the interpersonal dialogue. The fashion charm of PPAPER is visible everywhere in its office.

Store: The original patio stairs help solve the problem of insufficient lighting in the basement. Using frameless glass as its primary medium, the cement floor extends from outside in; the maintenance of a low-saturation space is the best background for the design products, in addition to making the pink logo pop. Incessant wave imagery and the upward extension of the floor make up the spatial theme. Fashion and humanity become more obvious around the black iron and troffer, and the feeling of moving forward created by the linear axis of the replacement area helps to prevent a feeling of oppression caused by the short beams and the crisscross of light and shadow on the line.

Design: Ahead Concept / Jun-Song Yang, Ming-Hua Zhang, Bo-Sheng Wang
Photography: Zhen-Yu Lu

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