FRANKY WOO bar & restaurant by LEFT, Krasnoyarsk – Russia

February 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Our project is: bar-restaurant of chineese and american cuisine FRANKY WOO. The restaurant is situated on the upper (15th) floor of the office building in the Krasnoyarsk RUSSIA. It offers it’s guests spectacular views of the city equally good for business lunch or romantic date. The idea of the restaurant is based on legend – romantic meeting and reunion of two cultures, Asian and American.

Interior is based on the trend concept of “old future” – retro-futurism. Much attention was devoted to colors, materials and technology for strengthening the contrast between old and new. Concrete walls represent industriality of megapolis, natural onyx is a tribute to asian traditions, walnut to Victorian West. UFO-form lights, walls with retro-TV and some pieces of furniture were made by local producers with LEFT design. All these details and several glass panels with special dinamyc content make the unique atmosphere, the future that was imagined in 1960s. In the restroom there isn’t traditional mirror before the sinks. Instead of it guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the city, especially in the night.

Design: LEFT / Anna Gavrichkova & Gennady Dezhurnykh
Photography: Vladimir Mordvinov

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