GIRAFFE Osaka Club by mousetrap, Osaka – Japan

February 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

The motif of this club is giraffe, the animal that sleeps only a few hours, and this motif can be liked to the concept of “the club people can enjoy all night long”. This club’s main target is young woman, so giraffe’s slender figure means leggy woman. Interior decoration is designed to be graceful and gorgeous like a fashion model. The LED lights implanted in the floor and the dreaming and fantastic dome-shaped passage on the first floor lead the excited guests to the dancing floor on the second floor. In the dance floor, LED lights implanted in the pillars set the mood for the floor. On the third floor, there is a sophisticated restaurant set with crystal glasses everywhere.

A club with entertainment located along the promenade of the Dotonbori River that runs through the downtown in Osaka. The club has a lot of playful spirits as shown in the logo mark in which one pink heart in the giraffe. The logo mark has one point of pink heart mark in the giraffe, and that gives the club a sense of fun.

Design: mousetrap / Hiroyuki Saiki
Photography:  Nakasa & Partners / Daisuke Shima

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