Rose Desgranges Perfumery by centdegrés, Paris – France

February 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

Both unconventional and deeply rooted in tradition, the Rose Desgranges perfumery, for its reopening, had to be a boutique as poetic as it is authentic, putting emphasis on savoir-faire, history and the rose’s fragrances. Rose Desgranges’ daughter, Patricia Meyer, put her faith in centdegres to create an elegant and delicate shop for its creations. Our agency did not only work on the boutique at the back of the courtyard, the journey within the Rose Desgranges universe starts from the porch. We illustrated it with the fascinating history of the Brand: everything from the establishment of Miss Meyer’s father’s hair salon (at the same address), to the actual resurgence of the Brand or the creation of the first perfume in 1958. At this time, people used to buy perfume in hair salons. The will to embellish women is still a core value of Rose Desgranges.

At the back of the courtyard, the visitor accesses to the boutique. Its white façade with wide windows and the subtle calligraphy of the name’s writing already inspires a feeling of softness. This impression is heightened inside where noble materials stand alongside pale tones, especially powder pink and champagne gold. We wished as well to preserve the identity of the building by reusing original parts of walls. The history of Rose Desgranges is shown once again with a gallery of portraits of the women who are part of it. Exceptionally close to the Champs-Elysées’ tumult, Rose Desgranges offers a sentimental walk, a feminine boudoir dedicated to the scents of the rose.

Design: centdegrés
Photography: Jean-Christophe Torres

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