VINO & BASILICO Bistro by Sestini & Corti, Berlin – Germany

February 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

Located in the center of the beautiful and dynamic city of Berlin, Vino & Basilic is a contemporary bistro decorated with an accurate selection of personally designed furniture and specially thought for accompany our customers during their finest Italian homemade dishes testing.

The local was specially decorated with our bistro color tables, characterized by colored old wood, barrel bistro tables realized through wood of ancient wine’s barrels and many other unique objects which make this restaurant not a classical Italian one but a very refined cozy location immersed in a contemporary style made out of objects from the past. Milan’s chairs have been realized recalling wine and basil color, shelves originate from an ancient Tuscan laboratory, drinks served on glasses made out of bottle of wine, all of this thought for receiving our customers in a refined and simple tasting experience.

Design: Sestini & Corti

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