Tom Tailor Stand at Modefabriek 2015 by TOM TAILOR GmbH, LIGANOVA GmbH and DIA – Dittel Architekten, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

February 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

The fashion trade show of the Benelux countries, Modefabriek Amsterdam, is held twice a year. The fashion label Tom Tailor will present the Winter 15/16 collection of its brands UFG, Denim, Polo and Contemporary on a 49m² cube-shaped stand designed by DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN.

A comprehensive presentation of the respective fashion worlds is the focus of the design. Overall, the stand comes across deliberately minimalistic and leaves room for digital content measures.The mix of cool materials such as concrete and the combination of industrial and wood elements is in line with the times and convincing because of its clear forms. One brand of the respective fashion collection is presented in a distinctive way in each corner of the area by four mannequins.

To focus attention on one of the fashion worlds, the brands are visualised every 15 minutes in an alternating fashion and placed on the digital screen above the stand as highlights. Visitors will discover a three-dimensional world of images and sound. At the same time they encounter haptic incentives to experience the collection up close.

Visitors can find out which of the brand worlds is currently being displayed with the help of a digital clock on the digital screen as well as a static clock that is part of the architecture. The change between the brands is also reflected in the lighting concept – the current brand is accentuated and highlighted by a spotlight.

A lounge, a large oak table and a stylish bar complete the stand. Each brand can be experienced by having the appropriate drink at the bar. The rough Denim World is rewarded with an honest Miller beer, while the stylish Contemporary World believes it’s on the safe side with a Moscow Mule. The UFG World is credible with a down to earth, classic gin and tonic, while an exclusive Belshazzar Vermouth Dry wouldn’t go amiss for Polo World.

Photography: Formzwei
All image courtesy of DITTEL ARCHITEKTEN GMBH

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