KAY Restaurant by mousetrap, Hyogo – Japan

March 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

The name of this restaurant “KAY” means oars of boat. We directed the space to make fine dishes entertained by the head chef stand out with the effective use of materials and lighting. On the first floor, the counter top, which is made of a raw plank, makes the atmosphere in which people can enjoy the conversation with the head chef. Lighted Ranma (transom) arranged with the traditional motif of waves which is the original family crest of the restaurant, also shows the counter off to advantage. A wine server gives the costumers the new taste of combination of Japanese dishes and wine.

Go up-stairs, you can enjoy the sight of display garnished with Bonsai (dwarf tree) and traditional dry landscape garden. People can enjoy the display from each private room. And under the display, is a shoe cupboard, which is very functional. Totally, the design of the restaurant is simple and natural which is familiar with people so that the customers never get bored and keep visiting this restaurant to enjoy their meals.

Design: mousetrap / Hiroyuki Saiki

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  1. vextr says:

    nice design..

  2. Le Margotin says:

    J’adore le design

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