Prada’s fall/winter womenswear show installation by OMA/AMO, Milan – Italy

March 6th, 2015 by retail design blog

For Women’s Fashion Week 2015, Prada and AMO have continued their ongoing collaboration with a runway design to showcase the luxury fashion house’s fall and winter range. As with the men’s interior revealed in january, the exiting volume has been disguised as an enfilade of smaller rooms that simulate endless repetitions and symmetries. However, in contrast to the previous design, the tridimensional excavation of the space is painted in subtle tones of green and pink, while a disorientating landscape of aluminum geometric inserts set within the flooring delineates each room. The show, which forms the second part of the fall/winter display, continues Prada’s analysis of the relationship between men and women where similarities and differences are explored in an attempt to understand what the genders share, and what they take from each other.

All images courtesy of AMO / Prada

via designboom

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