Phii 16 Restaurant, Lounge, Club by Creativ Interior Studio, Bucharest – Romania

March 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Phii 16 is a diversified location that can satisfy the demands of several categories customers from 20+ ages until the category of customers with more experience of 40+.

The space is divided in 4 areas: first and second space is common between ground and mezzanine that offers a cafe, but also with restaurant services which has a sophisticated lounge atmosphere. The predominant colors are relaxing tones of beige – cappuccino, where we added some color accents in furniture custom made especially for this project and brightly colored paintings with a theme restaurant. The third room is on the 1st floor of the villa, and continued the idea from the ground floor, but which has a more intimate atmosphere. It is a place where you can organize private parties, birthdays or other important personal events.The fourth area is a pleasant surprise for lovers of classic style who appreciates a glass of brandy and a cigar in the finest sheets. It is a Cigar lounge, dedicated exclusively to people of a certain outfit, with claims and attention to detail.

The chosen style is a classic English style, where we have used apparent brick in combination with british green paint on the walls, the frames that highlights the style from that period, the ceiling that reminiscent of coffered ceilings of Kensigton Palace and the wrought iron’s lamps which makes you feel like a walk on the streets of London.
This is a space where you can organize thematic events, business meetings, wine tasting evenings, maybe a place where you want to impress your friends or to imagine that you are part of a novel by Charles Dickens.

Design: Creativ Interior Studio

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