Klang Market Restaurant by Moodus, Stockholm – Sweden

March 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

The main challenge for Moodus was to create a space that works throughout the whole day, when the restaurant start serving breakfast in the morning and finishes up with becoming more of a champagne bar in the evening, and of course serving lunch and dinner in between. Our goal was to create an interior that felt very warm and welcoming to everyone, yet expressive and specific in all aspects of its ambience. So we worked with a wide range of materials where a grid of wooden panels is connecting the different areas of the space. The grid changes from a slightly stained ash to colored panels, then blending into a shaded grey flat surface. We wanted the grey color to serve as a background to the grid, where objects and plants could be highlighted. All the furniture are chosen with great care of being comfortable and beautiful, and to interact with the rest of interior in terms of shapes and color.

It´s really a place suitable for all types of guests where there should be something appealing for everyone. Having a wide target group is a bit of a challenge when it comes to building a brand, but with the owner of Klang Markets dedication and interaction with our design process, the interior became very expressive and synonymous with the core values of the restaurant. Moodus is a studio working with interior architecture, mostly within the fields of coffeeshops and restaurants. The studio was founded by interior architects Mårten Lindgren and Jennifer Lindstedt.

Design: Moodus
Photography: Mathias Nero

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