NUDE. Coffee & Wine Bar by Form Bureau, Moscow – Russia

March 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

Located in a 1930’s residential building in the very heart of Moscow is Nude Coffee & Wine Bar, a small family establishment that was completed in 2014 by design studio Form Bureau. Taking advantage of the building’s existing materials, the designers decided to partially chip away multiple layers of plaster and paint to reveal the original brick walls, to expose all the beautifully aged textures and colours that were hidden beneath. To complement the graceful decay of the walls, simple and rough materials such as concrete and wood were introduced for the furniture, together with small brass accents and a stark black-and-white pattern on the floor. The dining area is separated from the kitchen by a concrete bar top that is comfortable enough for eating, while a storage area is concealed behind the eye-catching menu display board. Carefully planned lighting design adds spark and lightness to the space, while the illuminated logo over the bar (designed by Denis Sharypin) tops off the strong identity and character of the venue.

Design: Form Bureau / Olga Treiwas / Vera Odyn / Asya Baranova / Alina Yaroshenko
Photography: Asya Baranova

via Yatzer

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