Carlo e Camilla Restaurant & Cocktail Bar by Tanja Solci Studio, Milan – Italy

March 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

Set within a historical sawmill, the restaurant and cocktail bar Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, Milan is established by celebrity chef Carlo Cracco and art direction given by Tanja Solci. The existing character of the building has been left majority untouched, the brick walls and the aged concrete walls have been left exposed, altogether adding to the overall industrial feel to the interior. Intimacy and sharing is the main concept highlighted by elements such as the use of two intercepting, communal tables placed at the center so diners can be aware of all aspects during their dining experience.

The building, Segheria Milano, is owned by Tanja Solci and in 1999, together with her father, they restored the factory from its previous post-war state for this restaurant. With Solci for art direction, behind-the-scenes is led by Carlo Cracco and his team, cooking up cuisine that reinterprets traditional italian recipes with a contemporary twist. Fusing italian culture into the choice of decor and tableware, a story is told through the setting. The industrial feel is refined by suspended vintage chandeliers, and during the evenings, dramatically light the space by casting shadows onto the table surfaces, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Nicola Fanti, the third partner of Carlo e Camilla, takes care of the management and ensures that the atmosphere and Tanja’s design project is unique every evening.

Design: Tanja Solci Studio
Photography: Nathalie Krag

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