Euromar From the Future showroom by Ayhan Güneri Architects, Istanbul – Turkey

March 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

In the showroom, training shoes and sports equipment, which were manufactured with injection technology, are on show. The place, looks like manufactured with injection mold pressing. In the manufacturing method of the place, pieces of furniture as if it were come together with manufactured in injection mold in order to generate the whole. The ceiling with oblique and circular form, which is focus on the middle of the ceiling, was generated with barrisol and led lighting systems.

On the four module that focus on the midpoint, shoes of different branches are displayed. Ral application and epoxy cracking on the floor covering, integrate the technologic chronology of the place. Coarse sewing trails that on the ceiling, are soften the all technologic visuality. These trails simulate the shoes that occur combination of technology and manual labor. The other components of the completion of the space, exclusive graphic design inkjet presses which were used on the background of displaying modules on the walls.

Design: Ayhan Güneri Architects
Photography Ozan Önder

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