Alborz Ceramic Exhibit by Arshiform Design Studio at Tehran International Exhibition, Tehran – Iran

March 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

Alborz ceramic and tile exhibit was created by Arshiform design studio and was showcased in 2014 Tehran International ceramic exhibition. The aim was to design an exhibition that was modern looking but still had elements of Iranian architecture in it. The outer wall of the exhibit was divided into segements, each having a length of 2.4 meter and depth of 1.2 meter. and were decorated to show alborz ceramics and tiles in real-world environment. (bathroom, backyard, etc.) The interior of alborz ceramic consisted of about 14 round gateways with a height of 2.4 meters connecting several rooms to eachother, in each room different products of the company was showcased, it was designed to appear as if the visitor was strolling through an art gallery.

Design: Arshiform Design Studio / Arash Madani

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