Undiz Machine Store by Stories, Toulouse – France

March 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

The idea was to create, in an unusual place, a new Undiz store and improve it so its sales would be as important as the other stores of the brand, usually twice as big. The challenge was to make a strength of the space restraint by fully investing the storage room. A real asset of this space also is its ideal location in the city center of Toulouse.

Undiz Machine extends the possibilities of access to the offer in shop. A part of the products is approachable in a physical way, thanks to the products which are exhibited in the store. The access to the rest of the offer in the storage room is activated by digital technology and the implementation of a system of pneumatic pipes connected with the basement. The customer orders on the digital interactive terminals and products are prepared in the storage room, put into capsule, then airpropelled in pipes to arrive in front of him. In case of dissatisfaction, a return of products in backstage is possible. The products of the shop are all equipped with RFID card, technology which facilitates the recognition of the product, in particular during the checking out.

Design: Stories
Photography: Undiz

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