Kappa ski exhibition stand by Gran Torino Design at ISPO Munich 2015, Munich – Germany

March 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

The Italian company Robe di Kappa summoned a mannequin army to present its latest products at the ISPO 2015. Like the” Terracotta Army”, the studio Gran Torino Design created a white atmosphere to recreate a winter mountain scene in which the colorful collection get all the attention.

The 98m2 exhibition area was all covered by a shiny white pavement and two of the four sides were delimited by white fabric walls, one by a cabinet used as display. The cabinet front had a picture of a skier dressed in red who symbolised the leader of the mannequin army.

With the perimeter delimited, all the exhibition area was taken up by 24 mannequin secured to the pavement. The army strength was reinforced thanks to a thorough illumination based on ceiling-mounted spotlights which were set in the hanging white prisma.

Design: Gran Torino Design
Photography: Alessandro Cane

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