OKOMEYA Rice Shop by Schemata Studio, Tokyo – Japan

March 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

Schemata Studio and creative business design firm, Owan Inc, help breathe life back into the South Tokyo area of Shinagawa and the historic Miyakawa Shotengai road, after the neighbourhood’s business decreased during the 50’s. The firm chooses OKOMEYA as their latest project, a small rice shop with a traditional look. The humble 180 square meter space required very little, a one-person business with a homely feel, this simple wooden construction with an open front and subtle signage sufficed. Part of an effort to revitalise the area and encourage independent traders, the firm see this as a crucial part part of the rebuilding of the neighborhood. On the menu are a list of rice-related products including rice balls, rice vinegar and freshly squeezed onigiri.

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