NGRS Recruiting Company Headquarters by Crosby Studios, Moscow – Russia

March 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

The office of the NGRS Recruiting Company is located in the centre of Moscow, near the Kremlin and Red Square, in the building of the former manufactory of the famous Russian entrepreneur Savva Mamontov. The speciality of the company is finding key employees for big companies. That’s why two main goals were set —the maximum amount of rooms for interviews and an important-looking interior with memorable design. The entrance has the traditional reception desk, behind it is a small conference room. Then there’s a gallery with arches, behind which the one-on-one and video-interview rooms are located. This space is created to welcome the visitors, and get them in a ceremonial mood.

The arches and semi-circular steps are reminiscent of a city square, with the rooms around looking like buildings. Then there are two walk-through offices and a library/conference room, at the end of it is the boss’s office. The tables and chairs are classic Vitra. The reception, arches, interview tables and the library were made to order at our production facility using unique designs. The window sills are connected with one cage, which is repeated in the table legs. The interior is monochrome, and only the screed floor stands out in pink. We made the decision to keep some of the walls in the historic building without plaster, to give a sense of that time. It’s especially eloquent where the unplastered wall overlaps with clear glass, two different materials from two different eras meeting each other. This creates a museum atmosphere.

The most difficult task was creating a comfortable atmosphere in a strict office, this was resolved with the bright floor and an attention to detail. The team is 90% women, and the employees are happy with this color scheme. The project was completed in three months. We looked for inspiration in theatre and in Wes Anderson movie sets.

Architects: Crosby Studios / Harry Nuriev / Olga Boris / Dmitry Vorontsov
Photography: Evgeny Evgrafov

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