Hitachi Showroom by First Half Design, Damascus – Syria

March 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

In 2009, Hitachi Commissioned interior designer Alaa Mohamad of FIRST HALF DESIGN to design its new extended showroom in Damascus, Syria. The objective was to demonstrate the brand and its features massively in the 1830 sq. feet space, to increase brand awareness in the local market, and to present the new line of products in contemporary and simple way. The designer chose to use HITACHI primary color as the main influencer of the design. The logo was strongly presented in a massive 22 feet interior signboard. As the showroom plot proportion was exaggeratingly deep (85 feet. depth x 14 feet. Width), 4 square columns formed a diagonal arch way along the depth of the showroom, to end in the deep end with a repeated partition to separate the admins offices area. The diagonal position of the ceiling bars reinforced a false balance in the proportion of the showroom.

Design: First Half Design / Alaa Mohamad
Photography: Rami Hussein

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