The Moon Suite – Room 505 at Skwachays Lodge by MCM Interiors, Vancouver – Canada

March 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

MCM Interiors Ltd. was invited by the Vancouver Native Housing Society to take part in this collaborative project between well known local hospitality interior designers and Aboriginal artists. The experimental project was achieved through donated services by the designers, artists, and suppliers of materials in the room. Taking artist Mark Preston and Sabina Hill’s graphic aboriginal art as inspiration, MCM designed a magical and spiritual room, based on the folk story of the Raven and the Moon. The legend and art were incorporated into the room in many ways. A circular dropdown ceiling and bed frame highlights a golden moon motif which looks down upon guests as they sleep. Two nightstands with original raven inspired art flank the bed and the legendary story is scripted onto the TV wall. An overall palette of neutral tones, with gold highlights give the suite an airy and ethereal feel which compliments the art and pays homage to the traditional tale.

Design: MCM Interiors Ltd.
Photography: Craig Minelly

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