Furniture Collection by Nova Obiecta

March 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

The five items were designed around mechanical imbrication, each component concurs to create a coherent and stable whole.

Flu (C) – Console: Geometric composition of seven independents triangular elements, topped with a translucent acrylic panel that allows a complete view of the composition.

Elev (A) – Armchair: A work on the optical result of translucent acrylic on stainless steel. Covered with Merino wool felt pads to contrast with the coldness of the structure’s materials.

Varia(T) – Chair: Vari(A) was conceived with the idea of creating an optical illusion through the nine areas laser cut into the steel structure. The light that passes through the object plays a fundamental role in its changing aesthetics.

Disti (N) – Valet: Sculptural Vale where aluminum flexibility contrasts with the structural strength of raw concrete. The aluminum part is inserted into the concrete support as a contemporary “artifact”

Asce(N) – Side Table: The perfect assembly of steel elements through a mechanical process made possible by sub millimeter manufacturing. Asce(N) is topped with a translucent hexagon, imbricated around the steel structure via a double meaning « Plus »: Mechanical and contextual.

Design: Nova Obiecta

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