House Spring ON / OFF Window Display by Van den Blocke

March 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

The set subject is “ON / OFF” as a symbol of day and night lifestyle. For the “ON” section we had to fit the decor to a classical denim collection so we’ve decided to arrange it by using wood and complementing it with black metal and cardboard accents, as we’ve obtained a warm vintage style ambience. The “OFF” section collection is also mostly denim but with a modern sport character. To create a contrast between these two sets, we’ve chosen to create for the “OFF” style a more minimalistic industrial mood. We’ve replaced the wood by aluminium tubes and we’ve completed the design with white and gold accents. Also, we’ve differ the light tones, for the “ON” set we’ve selected a warm shade of white, for the “OFF” – a cool blue light. This window display design is actually installed in all Polish and foreign House stores.

Design: Van den Blocke

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