Technology Will Save Us Packaging by Burgopak & Oliver Helfrich

April 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

Burgopak teams up with Oliver Helfrich to design packaging for Technology Will Save Us. “Technology Will Save Us is one of the UK’s most exciting design-led, technology start-ups. They are on a mission to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and create using technology and design DIY Gadget Kits that you can make and code yourself.” All of their products are vehicles for education that encourage everyone to make, play, code and invent with technology. Using everyday life as inspiration, their kits tap into the hobbies and passions that we all love – music, gardening, cycling and gaming.

The packaging needed to define the two distinct sides of the product and brand offering; fun and education. It was important that these were encapsulated within the packaging along with the right message. The flap on the front of the larger packs was inspired by old Lego kits. The goal was to show people all the cool stuff you get in each kit and secondly what all those components could become with a bit of imagination. The ‘maker tray’ was developed to house a wide range of different inventories and included modular dividers to create up to four compartments. This tray also provides a second function as a way to store and organise all of the electronic components whilst the kits are being built.

All of the structures were designed to be shipped flat to TWSU’s London base and assembled quickly before inserting the components for each kit. The vibrant, energetic artwork and photography was developed by Oliver Helfrich and Technology Will Save Us. The two colors in each pack represent the duality of the product offering; fun and education. The narrative unfolds throughout the packaging to empower and engage people into turning a bunch of carefully curated electronic components into truly remarkable and useful gadgets.”

via The Dieline

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