Chair by Eduardo Benamor Duarte for Art on Chairs

April 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho is the author of celebrated works of fiction like “Mr Palomar,” “The Alchemist,” “Manuscript Found in Accra” and countless other titles. If you’re a fan of Coelho’s writing, it’s likely because you appreciate his ability to create intensely lyrical prose that weaves elements of the fantastical into everyday experiences.

Recently, Portuguese architect Eduardo Benamor Duarte turned to Coelho as a source of inspiration for a chair he designed for the Art on Chairs duet series. The project is “an initiative that pairs designers with renowned personalities and furniture manufacturers from the Paredes municipality.” Duarte observed the reoccurrence of animistic themes in Coelho’s writing, and thus wanted to translate the novelist’s belief in an ever-present spiritual essence into a corporeal object. Admittedly, such subject matter is a challenge to physically convey, but the fanned wooden ribs of the chair successfully create a sense of motion and mystery.

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  1. Chairforce says:

    This looks very pretty. It gives new look to my new living room. Thanks for sharing this creation.

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