Parronchi showroom by Massimo Viti Architetto, Grosseto – Italy

April 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

The project involved the total distribution of large Showroom Parronchi men and women, located in Corso Carducci in the historic center of Grosseto which is spread over various levels for a sup. of about 350 square meters. It operates with a global project that leaves a visible mark in the new, while presistenze are strengthened by the non-intervention, leaving untreated raw materials and full of memories materials and space. The raw materials of pre-existing and the new intervention by contrast want to do with the quality of the manufacture of value of the items on display, in which the made in Italy plays a major role for the proposals.

Project restructuring and Furniture: Massimo Viti Architetto
Administrative Project: Francesca Amore Architetto
Construction Company: Grechi Luca
Installations: 2G Impianti

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