Shoe Gallery Store by Plazma, Vilnius – Lithuania

April 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

The ‘Shoe Gallery’ is located within a commercial shopping centre in Vilnius, Lithuania, and stands as a multi-brand store that is divided into different areas that give the appearance of a contemporary art gallery. Designed by local studio Plazma the retail space’s L-shaped layout has been conceived to accommodate the latest collections at the entrance: they are presented as works of art, showcased on special stands that resemble the plinths in which sculptures are usually exhibited. the aim of the ‘Shoe Gallery’ project was to create a functional area for retail and potential buyers, which lead Plazma to develop a series of free-standing display modules that fit well within the interior, maximizing the space available, and offering easy navigation throughout.

The materials employed have been selected to play a fundamental role in the overall design. Concrete, brass, mirrors and wall coverings in sophisticated shades, are used in combination with one another which projects a contemporary urban mood. Ceramic tiles from Ceramiche Refin‘s design industry collection have been selected to cover the walls, which emulates the raw colors and textures of concrete and oxidized metal. The large sizes of these slabs enhance the graphic lines of the ‘Shoe Gallery’ interior, and have made it possible for Plazma to obtain uninterrupted surfaces. The suspended light fixtures have been specially designed for the space, exalting the high ceilings through geometric lines, which illuminate the entire store, further contributing to the raw, industrial atmosphere of the shop.

Design: Plazma

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  1. Those shoes have a lot of space around them. Maybe smaller shops for so few shoes? Or then more shoes for that shop. It looks a bit spartan that way.

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