The Steel One, The Wood One & The Signature Series by Baked / Roast

April 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

Baked / Roast stands for high quality, handmade skateboard furniture. Baked / Roast is an anagram for skateboard. We love combining a subcultures artifacts with generic objects to create unique products. We aspire to look at things differently. We see the way a skateboarder looks at a city as an example. We love these kind of views in photography, art and culture in general. That said, we created Baked / Roast, starting with two products: The Steel One and The Wood One.

The Steel One
The Steel One is the heavier of the two. With its 8 kilograms weight it’s a very stable and firm stool. The frame is handmade of pure steel with a traditional gun blue finish. We’ve used gun blue to make it last a lifetime, but also because of the beautiful depth it gives.

The Wood One
The Wood One is really smooth. It’s handmade of high quality beechwood with a clear coat finish. It is lightweight, yet perfectly balanced and very stable. We’ve dyed the screws and bolts to match the orange dyed layers of the deck.

The Signature Series
To celebrate the launch of Baked / Roast, we wanted to do something special. That’s why we’ve created The Signature Series: a limited edition of 40 stools with a laser cutted engraving at the bottom.

About Baked / Roast
The team behind Baked / Roast is a friendly bunch. We love skateboarding, the scene, the footage and the creativity that comes with it. In our search to find the right product we looked at things from a different perspective, hence the name Baked / Roast. We are based in Breda, the Netherlands. That’s also where we create our products, because we think a local product is the best product. Our furniture is handmade with passion. We went on a mission to create unique handcrafted goods, for unique individuals. Baked / Roast is just getting started. Our fresh and limited edition stools are just step one in our goal to reach world domination (no pun intended). It’s a start and along the way we will figure out what we want to build next. We have some ideas on our list though, such as bookshelfs, speaker sets, chairs and swing sets.

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