Diamond Dazzle Stores by Reggiani, Beijing & Shanghai – China

April 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

Prestigious Chinese fashion brand Dazzle gets a new style, with the opening of two new look stores.

The first Dazzle store, located in Shanghai’s Kerry Center, offers an extremely dynamic space with a clean design in a style which could be termed baroque minimalist. The lighting design features a cove lighting system seamlessly integrated into the architecture. The coves, which contain a series of hidden YORI LED projectors, flow and wind among the softened volumes of the architectonic space. The luminaires deliver a colour temperature of 3000K and a colour rendering index >90 to truly showcase the garments. The lighting design was created to superimpose layers of light; on the one hand it lights up the space, emphasising the materiality and finish of the partitions and, on the other, it creates accents, highlighting colours and materials in the garments and accessories on show. The second store, Diamond-Dazzle, is located inside Beijing’s Oriental Plaza Shopping Mall. The style of the space has a strong European palace vibe, with the various rooms connected by brass doorways.

The rooms are completed with marble and plaster panels in the shape of curtains to reflect the drapery typical of aristocratic homes. Here too, the lighting design integrates perfectly with the shapes of the architectonic space. The LED luminaires are positioned inside coves in the ceiling, niches in the walls or recessed into the ceiling. Inside the coves, YORI projectors with articulated arm and Unimosa recessed ceiling luminaires offer a colour temperature of 3000K, colour rendering index >90. Like in the first store, the lighting design offers superimposed layers of light, to showcase the goods on display, without taking away from the values expressed by the architecture. Both stores feature a selection of accessories, shields and diffusers, to reduce glare and improve the customer’s in-store experience.

Design: Reggiani
Interior designer: Cristofori Santi Architetti
Lighting designer: Rossi Lighting
Photography: Dazzle / Cristofori Santi

via Frameweb

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