Yataş Grup Enza Home Stand by YERce Architecture at ISMOB 2015 Fair, Istanbul – Turkey

April 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

The conception of “breath” was the key word in our design. Based on this, our aim was to reverse the reflexes which keep repeating in the industry. First of all, it is possible to say that fairs are very “intensive” and “exhausting” spacesin terms of perception. Usually the whole stand area is used to the maximum in the designs and with the further addition of the upper floor to this, the “intensive” and “heavy” structure we mention makes itself quite evident. On the other hand, since given spaces for stands are square or rectangular, the designs comply with this geometry, lean on the borders and come up to be “angled.” In addition, also the facades can be substantially “closed” for the purpose of exhibiting more products inside the stand. Finally, materials used in the manufacture of stands are often of “single use”, recyclability does not appear to be an issue.

A visitor of the exhibition can have a reduced vigor of perception and also feel a bit uncomfortable because of the adjacency of the stands and this intensity of the stands in itself. In our proposal, based on the concept of “breath” we mentioned above, we departed from the following criteria;

  • a structure which is “diluted and “light” versus “intensive” and “heavy”
  • a form which is “organic” versus “angled”
  • a facade which is “open” versus “closed”
  • a material which is “reusable” versus “single-use”

While the fact of budget limitations can be quite challenging at the beginning, it turned out to be a stimulating situation to us. With the inspiration we’ve got from Shigeru Ban, our material choice went on with the masura’s (paper tubes) thanks to their low cost and their nature that was suitable for being reused. With an innovative approach to the interior- exterior relationship, they became the components that define the borders without tiring the perception and keeping the visual connection between the stand and the visitors.

This stand design was awarded with the first place in ISMOB 2015 Furniture Exhibition.

Design: YERce Architecture
Photography: Emin Emrah Yerce

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