Joule’s Lab Drugstore by deFORMA, Guadalajara – Mexico

April 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

The inspiration for this project was the typical American Drugstore, a place where it could be understood as a design store with a combination of a laboratory where this cleanses are made. The colors and the construction elements would give that language, clean white with glass wall in the Lab, black flooring with traditional mosaic from Guadalajara and brick walls for the whole store. The Lab answers the specific requirements, a doctor’s office where the client could be received and checked for the treatment, a bar where the cleanses are given, a laboratory kind of space where the fruit and the juices are made, and the whole feeling of the store to be a Design Store. Basic elements in the store are the traditional Mosaic, wooden shelves, designer furniture, neon lights, and chic decoration. Becoming a space where people could gather around and share their experiences of the treatment.

Design: deFORMA | estudio creativo

via AEC Café

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