El Palacio de Hierro Department Store by Gensler, Queretaro – Mexico

April 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

Each department in this 300,000-sq.-ft. store has its own image and tells its own story, offering a variety of shopping experiences under one—extremely stylized—roof that sets the stage for the organic, inventive interior. Imaginative ceiling, flooring, and fixturing treatments are combined with more than 20 digital screens that provide constantly changing information. Marble, steel, and other high-end materials add luxurious touches. In the atrium, the retailer´s 125-year history is celebrated in a museum-style gallery.

A.R.E. Design Awards 2015 – Silver Award

Design: Gensler

via A.R.E. Design Awards

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  1. Psykhe says:

    All the Visual Merchandising (displays and mannequins) was imagined and created by the El Palacio de Hierro ‘s VM department. Actually all the displays in the El Palacio de Hierro are made in-house

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