Azbuka Vkusa Kid’s Store by JosDeVries & Fagerhult, Moscow – Russia

April 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Azbuka Vkusa’s special Kid’s supermarket was a unique theme-store to open at the reconstructed Central Kid’s Mall in downtown Moscow.

The overall design of the store was created by JosDeVries, a Dutch retail design agency. The location of this Russian premium supermarket brand store made it imperative to align the design with the target audience – children.

One of the most important design aspects of the store was the lighting. Fagerhult Russia (a subsidiary of the Fagerhult Group – one of the largest professional lighting producers in Europe) created a compelling lighting concept for this unique store. Various Fagerhult’s decorative products were used in the entrance and cash desk areas, track lighting by LTS, a Fagerhult Group company, was used throughout the store to achieve a high contrast intriguing atmosphere and stimulate the target audience’s senses.

The store features a separate kid’s route marked with colored ceramic tiles that leads children on the path of discovery from one point of interest to the next culminating at the exit from a giant broccoli and leading right into a very playful and memorable ice cream café area.

Photography: Alex KarzalInterior – JosDeVries // Lighting & fit-out – Fagerhultov

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