Mos Mosh Store by Retail-Fabrikken, Wels – Austria

April 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Mos Mosh, the Danish women jeans brand, opened its first retail store in the city of Wels, Austria. Designed by Retail Fabrikken in collaboration with architect Lars Schwartz the idea was to show and translate the care and attention that Mos Mosh has for details into the interior of the store. Copper is the main material in the store and used in both furniture and construction with different treatments and surfaces. From the entrance door and throughout the store the copper material is part of the various version in nails, rivets, lamps and tables.

Natural raw leather and solid oak highlight and match the copper surfaces. The leather is handcraft treated with different decorative details to give an inviting and welcoming feeling as a contrast to the more industrial furniture and metal materials. The interior is a mix of new produced quality furniture and vintage furniture such as old pharmacy cupboards in glass, a classic chesterfield sofa and a mix of different antique white tables put together as one big table. Every detail to give the customer an interesting and surprising experience around the store.

Retail–Fabrikken A/S is a retail interior design company. We have a strong experience within the retail interior business and we are constantly thinking of retail. Retail is our World and retail is what means the most to us – and we want our clients to feel the same strong retail attitude when doing business with us. The shops, the atmosphere and looks and the retail business are keywords in our daily life. With the right attitude towards retail solutions we will succeed in making market leading profitable shops.

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One thought on “Mos Mosh Store by Retail-Fabrikken, Wels – Austria

  1. Mark Struck says:

    I do like the design a lot. The front door protrudes well into the pedestrian area and is still light while hanging inside the front window. The copper hangers are fine notes to the overall color scheme. Nice job.

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