Vakkorama Store by GeoID, Istanbul – Turkey

April 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Vakkorama is a Istanbul based store which is a part of the Vakko brand. GeoID designed its latest store which is in Akasya Mall, Istanbul. They wanted to create something cool and fresh just like what the brand is known for. Bright colors were used to give place the energy it deserved and to hype up the customers. Indoor displays are made out of honey colored glass to make the products be in harmony with the design. GeoID also wanted to give the store an innovative touch with the lighting. They designed full length mirrors framed with lights. Instead of hanging the mirrors they were made to lean on the wall so the mirrors can reflect the both the store and lights on the ceiling from different angles. A geometric form was adopted by the lights on the ceiling as well, which gave the store more depth and made it appear bigger than it already is.

Design: GeoID
Photography: Nejat Çifçi from L’Artcore

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