EZHOUSE Office, Kaohsiung – Taiwan

April 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

To create a happy style office, let people feel ‘Awesome’ if they can come to work here! The initial design idea was to create an open space office, utilized different color to distinguish the office function. Vivid yellow represents the working zone, warm orange is for discussion and smooth green for meeting and rest area. Besides, we put some interesting ingredients into the green zone, use wall as a graffiti wall also the brainstorming zone, swing to make the space more interesting, here is a very comfortable space to let our exhausted staff relax.

We wisely remained the big windows, it brightens not only the space but the color in each zone. The arc-shaped bar in front of the window can regard as a functional space, making the fixed office into a movable working space instantly.We used the color, game, and diversity to design a comfortable working environment, wonderfully attain the perfect balance between on and off work time in this open space without any cubicle.


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