Day & Night Lamp by Éléonore Delisse

May 2nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Day and Night Lamp by designer Éleonore Delisse equally serves the insomniac and the early morning grouch – and everyone who finds himself in between, for that matter. Respectively an uplifting (AM) and calming (PM) design to feed the tormented soul, the lamp was a result of recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, designer Éleonore Delisse’s quest for ultimate wellbeing and ‘to wake up happy and sleep peacefully, every day, year round’. She studied design ‘to find creative solutions for any kind of problems.’

‘My main interest lay in how colours can influence our behaviour. During my research, I noticed that perceiving colours at a certain point of the day affects both your energy levels and mood.’ Whereas all existing solutions out there to fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) are focusing on the irradiance of the light, Delisse specifically focused on the effect a constant coloured rhythm exudes on what our brain makes us think and do. And thus affect the way we perceive time. ‘It has nothing to do with the amount of lux that light projects on you.’ For a better understanding, she’s happy to walk us through the full colour range, explaining: The ‘Day’ Light starts at 6am and makes half a rotation until mid-day. The range of colour starts with a dark blue to lighter and lighter blue until a light turquoise. At mid-day the ‘Day’ Light stops, and nothing happens until 6pm. At 6pm, the ‘Night’ Light switches on and projects colours ranging from yellow through amber to red, ending with a deep, dark red at midnight.

Still in a prototype phase, Delisse’s first-hand experiences with using the lamp over the past 2 months are promising. ‘It feels like there is something alive in my home, like a micro sun. In my case, it truly helped my body to wake up slowly. I guess the effect it exerts depends on the specific habits of the person.’

Photography: Laurids Gallée

Wallpaper Design Awards 2015 winner

The first edition should be launched at Tools Galerie in Paris coming autumn, which seems in fact to be perfect timing.

via Frameweb

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