Mouli Store by Guise, Stockholm – Sweden

May 4th, 2015 by retail design blog

Graffiti is often about speed: a quick splash-and-dash to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law. Guise‘s project for Mouli in Stockholm was also a fast affair; the entire fit-out was designed, produced and installed within four weeks. And what does graffiti have to do with Mouli? ‘We addressed the concept of street art that’s embedded in the identity of the brand,’ says Jani Kristoffersen of Guise. ‘Vermund, cofounder and head designer, is a part-time painter, so we looked at street art in terms of its emphasis. Think of Banksy. His work is as much about its location as it is about its subject.’

With this in mind, the designers took the idea of placement as their display concept, producing a system of floor-to-ceiling metal sheets. Black frames serve as rails and can be positioned anywhere on the panels. ‘We were able to offer the client a fully flexible system,’ says Kristoffersen. Directed to give the space a ‘more effective layout’, Guise added a set of tables to the mix. Intended for folded clothes, the tables are made from flattened expanded metal. The surface is punctured with holes that are slightly larger than the table legs, which means, according to Kristoffersen, that ‘we could almost thread the tables through one another to create a dense but exciting display solution’.

Design: Guise
Photography: Brendan Austin

via Frameweb

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One thought on “Mouli Store by Guise, Stockholm – Sweden

  1. Simon says:

    Ultra-cool – really fresh and modern. How much do you think music would complement the visuals in this store?

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