Rick Owens Store, Hong Kong

May 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

Retailer Joyce knows a thing or two about leading luxury brands, and with its sizeable portfolio it’s one of the dominating players in Hong Kong and China. This month has seen two prominent store openings in the former British crown colony, and the latter one being a brand new boutique dedicated entirely to the sought-after designs of Rick Owens. The store is situated on On Lan street, which combined with Wyndham street, has evolved into a new corridor of forward fashion in this bustling city.

Occupying a 3,800 sq.ft. [353 sqm.], it’s the largest Rick Owens store in all of Asia, and features a new design concept that highlights sleek concrete panels and other industrial elements. Walls consist of concrete blocks, all custom-molded with an angular brutalist design. Large slabs of mirrors and suspended clothing racks further boosts the exceptional sense of spaciousness. Furnishings are few but chunky and angular, and fit right into the minimalist setting. Well, except for that stunning salon table which incorporates an eerie life-size replica of the star designer himself. The new Rick Owens store carries the full range of men’s and women’s collections.

via Superfuture

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