NINO Restaurant by Jassim Alshehab Architects, Salwa – Kuwait

May 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

Introducing itself to the local market in the early 90′s, Nino has developed a reputation for its sleek and funky interiors. ArchJS was provided the task of rebranding and redesigning Nino’s future branches to meet the contemporary market today. The newest updated flagship restaurant is located in Arabella Complex, Kuwait. It is divided into two floors and contains outdoor seating with a view of the Gulf Sea. The staircase is also a major element within the restaurant. ArchJS applied backlit glass to create a luminous feel to the environment in order to attract customers towards the first floor of the restaurant.

New materials and lighting methods are introduced to this concept while preserving Nino’s original brand identity. A mixture of glossy materials, wood and soft pastel tones help in creating an urban vibe to this casual yet chic dining experience. Transparent concrete is a dominant material applied within this interior. It is used to reduce certain boundaries within the restaurant; specifically between the kitchen and dining areas.

The first floor is dedicated more to a private dining experience. Wire mesh material is applied to the surrounding walls to provide a funky feel with a specific color template of furniture selected. Also, to preserve Nino’s brand identity parts of the ceiling are exposed to provide an industrial sensation to this lounge-like environment.

Design: Jassim Alshehab Architects
Photography: Nelson Garrido

via Archdaily

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