CELIOCLUB Flagship Store by Agence Costa, Paris – France

May 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

COSTA agency was asked by Celio International to design a new concept for the CELIOCLUB stores showcasing the high end products of the Celio brand.

The store which is presented here is located in the historic district of L’Odéon in Paris. It is a concept for a ready-to-wear fashion store that is highly modern and urban, borrowing from luxury fashion while remaining affordable. We wanted the result to be radical and contrasted, with strong and distinctive visual elements : light mural brackets, monolithic black volumes in the center, designer ceiling lights, a concrete flooring.

The solid oak erringbone flooring adds an extra touch of charm and warmth to the concept. It can also be found on the cash desk and on the tables intended for the display of the pants. The dressing rooms are in complete contrast with the rest of the store. It is a black space from floor to ceiling, using the same patterns as the ones on the concrete parquet and on the door’s panels. The ceiling is made of luminous slabs to give a dynamic effect to the whole space.

Design: Agence Costa / Dimitri Vronsky / Elodie Corman
Photography: Olivier Helbert

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