D2 Startup Factory by NAVER Corp., Seoul – South Korea

May 20th, 2015 by retail design blog

NAVER D2 STARTUP FACTORY is an accelerator to support startup companies in South Korea.

NAVER provides not only office space, but also mentorship, access to technology, and community to foster rapid growth of its portfolio companies. The space concept has been derived from its name of ‘Factory’. As factory layout is subdivided into different sectors, D2 STARTUP FACTORY consists of 3 parts: the offices, the meeting rooms, and the lecture hall.

1. the offices _ Creating ideas
2. the meeting rooms _ Developing services or products
3. the lecture hall _ Releasing & debuting results

In addition, specific materials, colors, and furnitures have been carefully chosen to match the ‘factory’ concept. Raw and unprocessed materials, such as wood, steel, and plastic,have been used, and the vivid and bold colors were added to bring vitality to the space. Because many startup companies will be circulated and replaced, the signage systems were designed to be easily replaceable, reusable, and writable:  functional plastic plates can be flexibly used as pop-up signs, name plates, and idea boards.

Design: NAVER Corp. / Taekyung Chang – Director / iltae Kim – Interior & Signage design / Yehwon Kim – Interior & Furniture design / Kukbo Design – constructor
Photography: iltae Kim

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