Ice Cream Polar shop by 23o5 studio, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

May 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

This is a project to renovate an old and damaged house in HCMC into a small ice cream shop for young people. Investors desire to have a space style youthful, relaxing and suitable for all ages. The colors of the shop should be able to create the stimulation of taste, typical of a diner. Despite the fact that the shop has a small space, the furniture need to be comfortable and convenient for both single persons and groups. The given solution selected yellow as primary color. This color, which is the color of brand name and main dishes, is a warm color and stimulate the taste.

It was also applied for façade and trunk road inside the shop. Space is divided into several areas to be suitable for each kind of customer. The front area used furniture which are flexibly used and easily re-arranged, such as pews, round table, and single small chairs. The behind area used long bar table and high chairs, which are suitable for family or friend group. On the upstairs, the furniture is a combination of tables which are suitable for many different groups of dinners. Walls and ceilings are designed to make an impressive space and visual stimulation, thereby drown the feeling of sitting in space of a tube. Architect used greenery in stair shaft and rear walls to make guests relaxed when sitting in. The walls are gypsum boards which decorated by wall paint and cement paint. Floor used vinyl tile.

Design: 23o5 studio

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One thought on “Ice Cream Polar shop by 23o5 studio, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

  1. Kathe Hutson says:

    The shop really looks nice, The lighting and small plants is a wonderful idea. I would love to visit this ice cream shop, maybe when next I find my self in the neighborhood.

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